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General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between the seller and the buyer. Along with your purchase is the legal relationship which is very important to understand.

Terms of Use define the obligations and rights of the company AINVEST Ltd. as the owner of the online store www.izdelek.si. By filling out our online application a user confirms that he/she is familiar with these terms and conditions, and agrees to be bound by these provisions.


User - is any person who enters the store www.izdelek.si, irrespective of the type of hardware (computer, phone ...) and how they use the network.

Registered user - is any person who enters the store www.izdelek.si, irrespective of the type of hardware (computer, phone ...) and how they use the network.

Guest - is any person who enters the store www.izdelek.si, irrespective of the type of hardware (computer, phone ...) and how they use the network.

Client - is a user (registered user or guest) who has previously provided their basic data for the execution of orders and deliveries.

Buyer - can be a private or representative company. We consider the information when the order is placed and made the payment or acceptance of the product.

Online store www.izdelek.si (owner AINVEST Ltd. Co.) and customers are governed by the general terms and conditions of the Consumer Protection Act EU. In cases where the contract is performed by the company, it is subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act only in cases where it is specifically mentioned in the law itself.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with the general conditions of the company and with the business of AINVEST Co. Ltd. we do not recognize any contractor for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as having a competence to resolve a consumer dispute that a private user could launch under the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Act. In the case of need we publish the link for the online resolution of consumer disputes SRPS. The arrangements are based on the Law on Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution and Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes.

We are committed to the EU directive on consumer rights. You can read more on this link.

AINVEST Co. Ltd. undertakes that the data held on online store www.izdelek.si is clearly and unambiguously displayed. Essential characteristics of goods and services, delivery of goods or execution of the service are shown, as determined by the provisions of Consumer Protection Act EU. All terms and conditions of use, price, supply... are considered at the time when the order is placed.


Privacy Policy

We collect basic data for the purpose of execution of your order, and store your e-mail on the basis of authorization or notification of the company's offer. Statistics are recorded by the software tools on our website www.izdelek.si. They are used solely for business decisions in the company. All data collected in this way is safely secured and will not be disclosed to a third party.

Data collected at registration: first and last name, E-mail.

Data collected for the purpose of execution order: first and last name, address, E-mail, optional telephone number.

Data collected for the case of installment payment or crediting: first and last name, address, E-mail address, telephone number, personal identification number, TAX identification number, user employer.

Direct contact: we reserve the right to contact you in the event of peculiarities in the execution of the order,, resolving complaints or other activities that are the subject of your participation in the history. We can contact you by phone, send SMS or E-mail...

Privacy children under the age of 13 years

Co. AINVEST does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13 years. We encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in their children's activities online and mobile networks and their interests.

Collecting statistics

We monitor all visits and activities on our website www.izdelek.si using tools for automatic data collection. These include cookies, embedded Web links, or signals. On demand we have the address information of your Internet Protocol (IP) address, and other user activity on the website.


Protecting data

Online store www.izdelek.si is supported by modern technology. It enables us to safely protect information from loss or misuse. Payment systems that are used belong to the contracting companies, banks with whom you have a contract and have named on the application. All payments, including the information that you provide, shall be made in the form of coding on their systems. The page rule is that it recognizes the URL and starts with https://... This web protocol allows your data to be protected with a security code and security measures before they are sent from your computer. These data are not known or available. After completing the payment you are redirected back to our website.

As a company we are committed to protecting and archiving business documents. The purchase contract is kept at the company's headquarters. On the basis of a written request, a copy may also be obtained by the beneficiary.



Cookies are nothing new. Website visitors already have a lot of cookies from different websites saved on their computers, tablets and phones. What is new is simply that the law in EU (ZEKom-1) has led to changes in the information. Visitors have the option to accept or not.

What are cookies? They are small text files that most websites store in the devices with which users access the internet. Cookie storage is completely controlled by the browser you are using. With your settings, you can store cookies optionally, restrict or disable. Cookies are generally divided into the session and subject to the length of the session. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the site or close the browser. Permanent cookies stay on your computer until you delete them or time expires. Most browsers (default) automatically accept cookies. When you disable cookies, some options will not be available and pages may not be displayed correctly.

Why are cookies required? They are of fundamental importance for ensuring the user and the provider have uninterrupted use of web services. The interaction between web users and websites is making using cookies faster and easier. With their help websites know the requirements to open its pages faster and allow a better experience of navigating through the website. This saves time browsing and makes the websites more efficiently and friendly. Some examples of the use of cookies:

  • For a better user experience website visitors adjust the display content based on past visits.
  • Where notification is required, you keep logged on.
  • To identify your device (computer, tablet, phone...), which allows you to adjust the display of the contents of your device.
  • Monitoring visits, which allows the verification of the effectiveness and appropriateness of content display ads and continuous improvement of websites.
  • To operate certain services which are necessary (eg. online banks, online stores and other forms of e-commerce...)


How to disable cookies? You decide whether to allow the storage of cookies on your machine. For the settings for cookies, to control and modify your web browser, please find more information at their home page.

On the website you may have seen LSO Flash objects. LSO performing similar functions such as cookies and the HTML browser on your computer disposing of small files called Flash cookies. Flash cookies are different from browser cookies, so the cookie management tools provided by your browser cookies might not remove Flash cookies. The most widespread provider is Adobe, more can be found on their home page.


Registered users

You can register for free as a private individual or as a representative of a company. The required age is over 14 years old. You need E-mail. The password you create for yourself – it is secret and known only to you. The system encodes it. In case of loss we cannot restore it. In this case you can send a request for a new password. The User is obliged to make sure of carefully protecting it and not sharing it with anyone else.

You can easily log in as Facebook or Google users.

Why be a registered user?

As a registered user you are allocated a place in the store and can buy products easily with only a few clicks. You have access to your purchase history. You can add products to your wish list and participate in prize draws. We also offer loyalty points. Customers who return will be easier to identify which assigns them better purchase conditions and much more besides.


The complaint is in relation to the objection of the buyer who received the goods. The reasons can vary. It is important to first determine the type of the complaint.

Damage - There is a possibility that the damage occurred during transportation. The package could be crumpled, torn or wet. If the package rattles it is probably a sign of broken content, which of course will be regarded as damage on delivery. In this case, check the contents immediately in the presence of the delivery driver. Any subsequent claims of damage will be taken into account only in exceptional cases and when our company receives the items to be returned by using the same delivery company, hence solving the situation. Pay particular attention to items that have a label requesting careful handling. The damage can be determined on the opening of the shipment. It is desirable that you take a photo and inform us as soon as possible. We will then give you proper instructions.

Non-operating - product is out of order - Non-operational is regarded as a latent defect. We distinguish which product is under warranty and which product is without warranty. In general, all products are likely to become a complaint when the product has not been used, or only operated for only a short time, and you have a problem reported within 15 days of receipt. Products with warranty terms have a warranty claim. Based on our instructions you will be able to return your product. You are entitled to cost recovery and replacement of the product only when we agree that it is failure on our or the manufacturer’s side.

In the case of a material error on the product or the goods AINVEST d.o.o. bears responsibility up to 24 months.

Mismatch quantity or incorrect product - Check the amount and type of product immediately upon acceptance of delivery. Complaint on the quantity and type can only be made within 1 day of acquisition. In any case, please let us know and we will arrange an appropriate solution for you.


Product return policy

Product return from the right to purchase at a distance:

When you buy online, you are given a cooling-off period of 14 days. This means you have the right to cancel an order for any reason within this period. If you buy a product online, the cooling off period ends 14 days after you receive it. You must also return the item within 14 days from the day you cancelled. If you cancel the order because you change your mind, you may have to pay for the cost of returning it. You should receive a refund within 14 days of cancellation, but a business can wait to refund you until you have returned the item or have proof of return postage.

We do not sell goods or products outside of Slovenia, which has special nature and can't be shipped by regular mail.

When returning items, please print the form and add with products - Return - Product Excange form

Product return as reclamation:

All problems related how to use a product, damage, out of order please let us know before you make any decision. Send us a message to podpora@izdelek.si or call us 0386 5 672 21 77. We will try to solve it with suggestions. If this is not possible, you will be able to return the product by post under your costs. In the event that the reclamation is accepted, we will take all the responsibility in this matter and we will return the shipping costs to your transaction account, PayPal or the way you agree (returning money option is only for country out of Slovenia).

When returning item as reclamation, please print the reclamation form and add with product - Reclamation form


The warranty for the price

On certain products we will mark "GUARANTEE ON PRICE". We would like to inform you that the product have truly affordable price. At the same time we cite to the said product we guarantee the lowest price on the Slovenian market. In the event that you find the same-like product with the same features but the price is lower, we will return difference. We offer a warranty for 45 days from purchase.


The warranty for the product

For products that have a warranty, this will be clearly marked on the product page. Minimum warranty is 1 year and a minimum of 3 years supply of parts and product support. The time of the guarantee may be longer. You must produce the invoice and it must be accompanied by the warranty or the manufacturer or importer. The product may be returned for repair to the dealer or authorized service. We encourage you to inform the vendor or service. You will receive further instructions for prompt resolution. The warranty is extended for the period of repair.

Note: for the duration of the warranty never attempt to repair or open the item yourself because you may lose all rights under the warranty.

Here are a few general rules regarding guarantees:

The manufacturer declares that the product will work flawlessly within the warranty period, if you use it in accordance with its purpose and instructions. The manufacturer will repair it at their expense as long as the item has been used correctly and submitted within the warranty period. If the product is found to be faulty within its warranty, then it will be repaired or replaced. The product will be repaired no longer than 45 days after it has been received in our facilities. In case this is not possible we will refund your money. The warranty period shall be the date of purchase and the length of time which the manufacturer specifies. The warranty period will be extended for the amount of time needed for repairs. After the expiration of the warranty period, the manufacturer has to ensure the maintenance and spare parts of the product, which is three times longer than the warranty period. The validity of the guarantee proof by the consumer is only relevant when it attaches the statement of warranty and invoice.

Warranty repair does not include:

    • the user not using the product in accordance with the instructions and its purpose
    • the product being mended by an unauthorized person
    • visible signs of physical damage on the product
    • force majeure: lightning, fire, floods, earthquakes


Insurance on the product

Certain products have a warranty extension option or additional insurance. For users this is a great option. With the appropriate extra charge you can extend the warranty and you have no worries. In case the product needs to be repaired the cost will be secured by the manufacturer.


B Stock

A "B-Stock" is a product which has been returned by a customer - Money Back Guarantee or replaced under guarantee and can no longer be sold as original new. These products are offered at a special, reduced price from -15% to - 90%, are fully functional and come with a full warranty as new products. Such products may not come in their original packaging but will always be checked prior to shipment. For order and details please contact sales department.