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Payment and Shipping


Banks, mobile operators, delivery service... they charge a fee in accordance with its tariff. As a result, our business also depends on these factors. A large part of these costs we absorb so we can offer a favorable way of purchase. We recommend the payment of the Proforma Invoice, PayPal or Moneta. The processing and delivery of products is faster. The final price for you is advantageous. In all these cases we do not charge shipping costs (applies to the territory of Slovenia).

When ordering (from chart) you can choose from the following payment methods:


Cash in Advance - Proforma Invoice

Cash in Advance is an excellent choice for the buyer and seller. The client has no problems and concerns in acceptance of the delivery. Payment is also warranty and proof. We will send you invoice as soon as possible specifying a period of validity. The amount of the invoice can be paid through your online bank account or by using the payment form. Payment can also be made at banks and other authorized establishments. You need the following information of Business bank account:

  • Beneficiary name and address: AINVEST Co Ltd., Parecag 75, 6333 Secovlje, Slovenia, Europe
  • Beneficary bank account: SI56 6100 0001 0470 624
  • Bank name and address: Delavska Hranilnica d.d., Miklosiceva 5, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Purpose code - GDSV, Reference - SI00, and continue with document number ( invoice, proforma ...)


Moneta - VALÚ

Moneta is a safe, fast and modern way to pay with your phone. In this mode, you do not have to pay the cost of delivery and dispatch. You only have to pay the price of the product. When ordering please choose: Moneta and it opens a new window (secure site), through the provider of Moneta. In the appropriate field, enter your mobile number. After a few moments you will receive a SMS message with a unique security password. This is the password you need to enter in the box and confirm. After successful payment you will receive confirmation of the purchase. Payment Failed? In the event that you have entered an incorrect password you must repeat the purchase process. Check with your telephone service provider if this service is activated. Moneta has a monthly limit. On completion the purchase amount will be shown on the invoice sent to you by your telephone service provider.

Important: this only applies to the territory of Slovenia and their users.



For those of you who don’t know about this payment method, we will briefly explain. PayPal is an accepted and widely used payment method around the world. Paying with PayPal is easy, safe and quick. To open a PayPal account you need a credit card. It supports many types of credit cards. You are safe with PayPal in the event that you have not received products.

In case you already have an account with PayPal select this mode, confirm, and you will be redirected to the login window for a secure PayPal payment. Quick and easy: log in to your account and confirm the payment. After a few moments we will get your payment notification, as will you. If you need help with the process, please contact us.

PayPal users can use fast checkout »PayPal Check out« button or can pay us direct to our account - info@izdelek.si

There is no need to have PayPal account. You can also safely pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover... through the secure PayPal system. After confirmation you will be redirected to the secure and protected PayPal system. By using https: ... // it means that the data you enter is encoded by special technology and is safe same as other banks in the world. On view will be the izdelek.si (AINVEST d.o.o.) payment slip. Please select option »Create a PayPal account« and follow the instructions as you have already used it to pay with your credit card.


Cash on Delivery

Paying on delivery is the most common method of purchasing at a distance. For shipments under the value € 25.00 the additional cost is € 3.00. For better value orders of more than € 25.00 have free delivery. Important: these conditions are only for Slovenia.


Pick up goods at company warehouse

You can personal pick up goods at our warehouse. Method of payment is cash or advance payment by invoice to our bank account.



You can place an order via the shopping cart in our store, by phone (the cost of a phone call is borne by the customer) or by sending us an e-mail. If need be we will support and help you.

All orders submitted before 14:00 pm during working hours will be accepted and prepared based on the stock. If you place an order through the online store you will receive an e-mail confirmation immediately upon successful completion. We'll notify you the same day or the following day about the order status. Urgent orders will be shipped only by agreement.

Registered users have the possibility of viewing the status of their order in their account.


Delivery to the address

For handling we appreciate having your phone number. Ordered goods are delivered to any home or work place in Slovenia, Europe or other countries.

Delivery time:

We understand you want to receive the ordered product as soon as possible. All orders made before 14:00 on working days will be prepared based on the stock and will be sent out the same day. You will receive your shipment the next day. Delivery time only applies to Slovenia. Delivery to other countries depends on the agreed delivery method. To European countries delivery time is about 2-5 days, outside of Europe up to 14 days.

Sending cost:

We have prepared excellent conditions for delivery of products. For cash transactions: PayPal, PayPal card, Moneta, Proforma Invoice - there is no shipping cost. Izdelek.si (AINVEST Ltd.) will cover all these costs for you. We also provide good conditions in the case of payment on receipt. Orders under a total value of € 25.00 have shipping costs of € 3.00. If your order comes to more than € 25.00, shipping is free of charge. The cost of shipping only applies to regular orders throughout Slovenia. We reserve the right to change the terms whenever the purchases are special sales, sales through coupons or other special forms of trading. The cost of shipping will be clearly marked.

Shipping cost to other countries - Europe and the rest of the world

  • 0 -25 € -> 5.50
  • 25 - 50 € -> 7.30
  • 50-100 € -> 12.50
  • 100-250 € -> 24.50

Please contact us if you are a business partners outside of Slovenia as we have specific arrangements.