DVD players for vehicles

We have in mind the device for in-car entertainment. The long grueling drive will be more tolerated by children when there is entertainment.


Opinions about multimedia used in vehicles have many approaches and views. Some advocate that it is much better to observe your surroundings on your drive. Others want to read a book in peace. Those with children say that the child is already in front of the television or computer all day. Others argue that the installation in the vehicle is not safe ... this decision is entirely up to you. In the Slovenian market we have several years’ experience in this matter.


Let me cite a few comments from our clients:

...The decision to buy was a tough one because the vehicle is not used for long distances. Our child is one year old and does not tolerate short or long rides so we tried it. We were pleasantly surprised. We have directed its attention to the DVD player in the car and now he looks at cartoons and is happy to travel with...

...We have installed DVD pillows in our TAXI van thus providing further marketing as we have rotated the advertising of other companies ...

... We previously used tablets in the vehicle. Once we forgot the power cord, the second time the DVD fell out of the holder. We tried 9 'DVD players. It is worth it. When we start driving the car we are happy!..

... I can not imagine a long journey without a DVD player anymore. We have two little girls. Previously we had to keep stopping. Now we don’t need to stop until we have driven 200 km or more ...

... Our children calmly watch cartoons and sometimes fall asleep. I recommend the DVD player to anyone who has young children and wants to get to their destination without any problems...


Things you need to know before buying.

First, you must understand that the device can be detached (monitor + player) or just monitor which needs to be connected to the player the car/radio multimedia or another player device.


Type of installation:

There are ceiling mounted, recessed, built-in pillow car seat, mounted on the back side of original car seat pillow (easy install).

- Those affixed to the supporting part of the roof are more complex to install and suitable for larger vehicles. Power can be channeled through the lights and there is no need to cut the coverings. You can also choose a more serious installation by removing all of the interior covering and install the appropriate cables.
- For most built-in monitors it is recommended that they be installed professionally.
- Built-in pillow car seats are the perfect solution for people who want an easy solution and provide entertainment for passengers in the back seat. Installation can be challenging for example if you have installed airbags because the connection cables need to be going through a tube. There is also another option of installation so that the connecting cable is threaded already in the seat which can be easily taken off without further installation.


By function:

DVD player plays discs with different content and supported media

USB, SD slot for connecting memory devices

FM - the possibility of broadcasting radio frequencies. Thus, you can easily connect to your favourite radio channel.

IR - support for wireless headsets

GAMES - the possibility of playing different games. What kind of game is primarily dependent on the device itself (8 or 32 bit, games on android platform ...)

MUSIC - digital music (MP3 ...)

TOUCH SCREEN - we use tablets in the same way we use such a player.

RESOLUTION - screen quality is very important

For any further questions you are welcome to please contact us.


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