Rear view car camera

I'm sure many of you are wondering why car camera on-board? Good drivers especially those who have a good overview of vehicle does not need these supplements. You might have a serial built-in sensors for distance. Some vehicles have good view on back and forth. That's right. Unfortunately, we are not all "built" according to the standards which have been made vehicles. We need to adjust the height of the steering wheel, move the seats ... and much more. We can't get used to the new car ... especially when we have to drive in reverse and parking on small space.


Briefly, here are a few factors that hinder us in the manipulation of our vehicles:

  • Lack of transparency vehiclesAvto kamera - Car camera
  • A small parking space
  • The area around the car a lot of people ...
  • Placed low objects (flower pots, concrete edge, pillar ...)


Vehicles or machines, which are by nature restrictive control:

  • Vans
  • Switching vehicles (trailers ...)
  • Trucks, buses, campers
  • Operating machinery and equipment


Here are few comments on the topic of car reverse driving:

... I looked in the rearview mirror and everything was clean. When I drove back is cracked. Luckily it was not serious but I broke the person who has just bound shoe behind of my car ...

... I smashed the car light and the bumper because it was a low fence ...

... I have a van... where rear-view mirror does not serve, I using only side mirrors. The sensors do not detect traffic pillar, so I did cave in the back door ...

... when parking a camper always help me my wife who directs me how much further I can take back or navigate in any direction ...

... I always unmount trailer and manually turn because the high and uncontrollable. When it is full, I am in trouble and another person help me to navigate so can turn it...

... rear of the vehicles is very high and despite a sensor I've done more than € 1,000 damage ...


New vehicles, especially senior class have built-in sensors and reversing camera is certainly not without reason. These things are also sold as an accessory. If you need car camera is your decision. The price certainly affect on quality, type, method of installation.


When buying a car cameras you need to answer the following questions:

What do you want to obtain with car camera?

Where will the car camera installed?

How to connect the car camera?


Car camera have also IR sensors for night vision. Other cameras operating up to about 0.5 Lux - but in practice this means that by using the reverse lights or is urban night lighting can see still good.


About universal or special camera. Universal cameras can be installed everywhere and it is good that you also think of suitable design in terms of size ... Special cameras are adjusted for vehicle model and can be fitted in place to illuminate the registration plate or on other sites if you have to anticipate the right camera. Some other cameras you can install - drill hole, or attach it to the appropriate location.


Car camera needs power and the possibility of connecting to the monitor (built-in multimedia device or monitor the appropriate size). As a rule, connect the camera to a power supply reverse lights so the camera will turn on when you want to reverse. You can connect the switch or continuous power supply - pay attention this way to connect can be much shorter camera life time. Need to know in advance and chose camera for that way of connections.


The camera can be connected to a monitor wired or wireless. Connected direct may be very challenging but it is also the best choice. Very easy and quick mounting method is to use a wireless system (video device with transmitter and receiver). Demerit is perhaps that may occasionally occur due to the mixing of foreign interference frequencies. These disorders are short and do not have a serious impact on driving safety.


How to install the monitor? When your car radio don't has built-in monitor is a good idea to consider where and how the monitor fits. In a monitor market you'll find different sizes and shapes. Some can fit on existing rearview mirror, another can place or paste the appropriate location. For cars, where is the rear-view mirror in function, it is better that you have a monitor next to. However, when the rear part is closed (vans, campers, ...) is a suitable installation on the mirror.


If you have any further questions we will be happy to advise you.